The rural school in Macon County, Missouri, seven miles south of Anabel, called Bohannon School, was named for the donor of the land on which it was located. The school house stood on the south side of what is now called Mahogany Street, slightly less than one mile east from the intersection with county road V.

During the 1940s and 1950s the school was across the road from the Manley Graves house, and adjacent to the property sometimes called the "Gruene Bohannon place." All buildings standing in the area that were visible from the school, including the school house itself, are now gone, except for the barn on the Manley Graves place. The school yard is now a vacant field. All traces of its former use, including schoolhouse, coal shed, outhouses, water well and playground equipment, are fully obliterated. This page collects some records of the school during the time the Trachta family occupied the old Bohannon farm.

Most of these records come from the Macon Historical Society archives. A few are personal photos of the Trachta family.

The teacher in 1913, Mary Graves, was the Macon County Superintendent of Schools when the Trachta family went to Bohannon school. She made annual visits to the school. Everett Phillips was farming the property on the south and west sides of the school in the 1950s, and his daughter, Lillie Jean Phillips, attended.