Thomas Hart Benton Stasey, ca 1859

This website supports the book "Stasey" written by the great-great-grandchildren of Thomas Hart Benton Stasey (1836-1862) of Hannibal, Missouri. The book is available for download as two PDF files; volume 1 is the text and volume 2  contains the appendices. It is also available on itunes as a free download to an ePub eReader (e.g. iPad). The PDF files are made available through Google Drive which can be quirky. You might get a message that looks like an error message, but if you click the "Download" button, and ignore the other things, you should get the file. You should not need a Google account to download them. If you have a problem with it please let me know. These are big files since they contain numerous pictures, so they can take a few minutes to download.

Other pages on this site contain selected genealogy and family history information, posted from time to time, as it develops.

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